Are you still selling these?

As of    we currently have The Man in the Mask available for sale.

Where else can I find the masks?

Currently, we are selling on this site.

What if I gave an old or invalid shipping address and it has already shipped?

You can place an order for another mask WITH your correct address. If you are able to retreive the mask mailed to your old or invalid address, you can mail it back to us and we will issue you a refund MINUS the original shipping fees.

What if my mask was delivered and it was stolen either at work or from my house/apartment?

We would suggest mailing it to a place that is SECURE - a trusted friend or family member, office of an apartment complex etc. It is rare, but we have heard a few very unfortunate stories about co-workers and neighbors snagging packages. Mean people suck.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Pay Pal, VISA, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, e-checks and money orders. If you're not paying using a Pay Pal account, just click "Continue" to the left of the Pay Pal sign in which looks like the following:

Don't have a PayPal account?

Use your credit card or bank account (where available) Continue

What types of shipping methods are available?

We offer First Class Shipping (average 2-5 business days for shipping transit time) and Express (usually next day unless you live in a remote or very rural area) via USPS Mail in the United States. We recommend Express Shipping to guarantee delivery by a certain date.

We offer the International - Priority (average 6-12 business days for shipping transit time), and Express (usually 3-5 business days for shipping transit time). We do not guarantree shipping by a certain date with International packages. Occasionally (usually 10% from our experience throughout the years) packages are held up at customs which prolongs transit times and that, unfortunately, is beyond our control.

What if I want to pay with a Money Order?

We do not accept money orders.

How long before I get my mask?

Shipping times vary depending on your location and which shipping method you selected at check-out.  Masks are shipped out the same day or if you order after 4PM (CST), the day after.
We guarantee delivery by a certain date with Express Shipping only.

We do not guarantree shipping by a certain date with First Class Shipping or with International packages.

What if I need it by a certain date?

We guarantee delivery by a certain date with Express Shipping only. If we say you will get it by a certain date and the post office doesn't hold up their end of the deal, we will absorb that cost and refund 100% of your money upon return of the merchandise. Don't open the package and mark "RETURN TO SENDER" so you don't incur shipping fees. Once the unopened package is returned, we will gladly issue you a full refund. This is really rare but it does happen.

We do not guarantee shipping by a certain date with International packages....too many variables (i.e., customs, held due to additional fees) beyond our control.

Where are the masks shipped from?

The masks are shipped from the Dallas, Texas area.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we do.  We ship virtually all over the world. 

Can you guarantee my mask by a certain date?

The ONLY way we can guarantee your mask by a certain date is with Express Shipping. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you selected Priority Shipping at the last minute and your mask didn't arrive in time, we are not responsible as you had the option to upgrade to Express Shipping.

We do not guarantee shipping by a certain date with International packages.

How are the products shipped?

The Man in the Mask is shipped in a waterproof envelope. The Pin-Up Girl and Dollface Masks are shipped in boxes that are 9" x 9" x 9" and packaged with earth-friendly, biodegradable peanuts.

Will I receive tracking information when my package is mailed?

You will be emailed tracking information when your package is mailed.  Please note that sometimes with USPS, it will only note that the shipping label was purchased.  Tracking information will be updated when package is delivered.  Sometimes it will indicate that the package has entered/left a processing facility (Coppell, Texas is essentially the DFW airport).  If you have received a tracking number, please don't  freak out if it only shows that the shipping label has been purchased.  Your package in en route.  Just be patient.  

Where's my mask? It should have been here a long time ago.

Go to USPS.com and enter your tracking #. That will usually tell where it is. 90% of the packages are on time and fall within the average transit time. The remaining 10% will be late or lost in the mail. If you fall in the 10% category, email us ASAP.

Tell me about the "Doll Face" mask

The Dollface Mask is a made of a heavy plastic material with an elastic band to attach to the face. It is a FULL FACE MASK. Will FIT ALL FACES.  The mask is hand-painted so there might be very slight variations with each mask. Also has a black mesh material covering the eye holes. You can see out but your "victims" can't see in.

What is the "Man in the Mask" made of?

The Man in the Mask (Cotton) is made of an off-white, heavy, cotton fabric.

The mouth is brushed on using a black, non-toxic paint specific for fabric.  Each mask is individually sewn by a seasoned seamstress.  Each mask has been put through a process to give the exterior a "distressed" look without compromising quality.

How large is the "Man in the Mask"

The standard mask has been measured for an average-sized man with a head measuring 24" around.  You can measure your head, just about the eyebrows, to see if this will fit.  If your head measurement is significantly smaller or larger than 24", we would recommend getting a custom mask made.

What is the "Pin Up Girl" made of?

The "Pin Up Girl" mask is made of a thick, plastic material.  The mask is FULL FACE MASK and will fit anyone - from children to large adults.  All masks are hand painted so there might be very slight variations with each mask. There is a black, mesh screen attached to the inside so you can see out but "your victims" can't see it.

What about returns?

If your mask was purchased via First Class Mail and you ordered at the last minute, that's a gamble you take as you had the option to upgrade to Express Shipping. We are not responsible as we ship out the same day or the day after if you purchased after 4PM (CST). If you ordered your mask via Express Shipping and it was not delivered within the time frame indicated on the USPS website (basically if the post office screwed up), we will refund you 100% after we receive the returned masks....it's our word and the cost of doing business. DON'T OPEN THE PACKAGE AND MARK "RETURN TO SENDER" SO YOU'RE NOT OUT ANY SHIPPING FEES.